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I'd like to develop a plan of action for my career

Step 4: Assigning timelines and priorities

After you have identified some actions to take to progress your career, it helps to assign some timelines and priorities. Without timelines your plan to do things can just slip away.

Assign priorities to your tasks with deadlines – a good tool to use is:

  • Priority A – I must complete this by …. (this is an appropriate priority if there are jobs or courses with closing dates that you want to apply for)
  • Priority B – I should complete this by… (this is an appropriate priority, if you don't have to do it by a specific date, but you want to get moving on it)
  • Priority C – It would be nice to complete this by… (this is an appropriate priority if it doesn't really matter if you get to this action or not.)

Review your work in Section Five, Six and Seven of the Career Action Plan and confirm that each Action Idea has been assigned a priority.