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My Career, My APS

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I'd like to develop a plan of action for my career

Step 2: Choosing a goal

Ultimately it's not productive to get too locked into one option or goal, the more options you have, then the more opportunities that will be available. You can use the Australian Public Service career list to select job options that might meet your goal.

If you have a few options that you are weighing up, you can use criteria to evaluate the merit of the different options. Your choice of criteria for selecting some options over others is totally up to you. Some sample criteria might be:

  • Location
  • Conditions of service
  • Inclusive/accessibility policy
  • Nature of employment – ongoing vs non-ongoing
  • Skills needed

Once you decide on some criteria, you can give each job option a score out of 5 for how well it meets those criteria. You can then compare the scores to determine which options are better for you.

You can now complete Section Four of the Career Action Plan.