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Tips about winning jobs

How do you apply for jobs

The selection process for Australian Public Service jobs depends on the nature of the job and the department or agency in which it is located. Usually selections for jobs are done on the basis of 'selection criteria', which describe the skills, knowledge and attributes required for the job.

Selection process

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Usual selection processes

Selection processes usually include a couple of basic processes:

  • An application form, which may or may not include an element where you must write how you can demonstrate your suitability against selection criteria.
  • A summary of your career experience to date – usually called a resume or curriculum vitae.
  • An interview, in which a small panel of staff from the Department or agency ask you questions about your suitability for the job – again to allow you to demonstrate your capacity against the selection criteria.
Possible selection processes

Other selection processes that may be included with some jobs include:

  • An assessment centre – where groups of applicants are tasked with a range of group and individual activities designed to test specific sets of skills
  • A psychometric test – these are generally included in jobs that require high security clearance, or where there is some element of the job that requires a specific type of personality
  • A physical fitness test – these are rarely used, but may be in isolated circumstances where the job has an inherent physical requirement

You may also have to obtain a health clearance. One purpose of a health clearance is to confirm that you have the physical and mental capacity to perform the duties. Other purposes may be to find out any information relevant to occupational health and safety legislation and to identify any reasonable adjustments that are needed to the workplace environment if you have a health-related disability.

Job application process

The Job Access website explains the entire job application process. The two resources are:

  • How to apply for a job – This general resource provides a range of information about applying for any type of job.
  • Applying for an Australian Government job – It also includes specific information on how to apply for a job in the Australian Public Service.

You can check your employability attributes by using this simple assessment tool.