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Tips about winning jobs

How job ready are you?

Being successful in winning a job means that you need three important sets of capabilities – general employability attributes, the transferable skills you have developed and your job specific skills and knowledge. These all have to match the requirements of the vacant position.

Key questions to ask yourself

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Have you got employability attributes?

Research of employers indicates that there are several key personal attributes that contribute to your employability.

You can check your employability attributes by using this simple assessment tool.

Have you got the transferable skills?

Transferable Skills are skills learned in one field or job that are applicable to gain employment and move across fields. Sometimes people think that they can't do a job, because the job-related skills are different to the job they're applying for, and underestimate how many transferable skills they have.

Case Study: Transferable Skills

Maryanne has been a hairdresser since she was 16. She eventually opened her own salon, but after 17 years she developed recurring shoulder injuries from the work. She had always had an active role in training apprentices and wanted to apply for a job working in an education and training policy area of the Australian Public Service.

Maryanne had developed training plans for individuals, taught at the local TAFE, managed her business finances, supervised staff and dealt successfully with clients over the years. These were all transferable skills that helped her to get the job she wanted.

Employability Skills Framework
Integrated Leadership System

You can check your transferable skills by using this simple assessment tool.

Have you got the job specific skills and knowledge?

The level of job specific skills and knowledge required in a job will depend on its classification level. If you have previous experience in the field you will most likely be able to apply for a higher level position than if you have no experience at all. Read the job description and other material supplied to check how much job specific knowledge applicants require.