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I'm already in the Australian Public Service

My personal situation has changed and I want to change my role/location/hours/responsibility/level

From time to time your circumstances can change. Part of the Australian Public Service commitment to diversity is to find flexible solutions to these issues as they arise, where it is possible to do so.

If your circumstances change, such as your health deteriorates, or you have to move to be closer to your family, you may need to consider other working options. Some people cut back their hours as they get close to retirement, or after returning from maternity leave or a long illness, or choose to drop back their level of responsibility temporarily or permanently.

There are many options available such as part-time work, a transfer to a different location for a short term or perhaps permanently, creative use of flex-time provisions that can be used to assist you to manage your new situation. Your starting point is to talk to your supervisor or Human Resources specialist in your agency about what options you have. The options available will depend on the conditions in your employing department or agency.