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I'm already in the Australian Public Service

I'd like to find out more about how to move within the Australian Public Service

If you're already in the Australian Public Service, you may also be thinking about a career move. It's normal to want a change, if you've been doing the same job for a while. But if you don't know what you'd like to do, it takes a bit of research to identify a new direction and some planning will help you to get there.

Sometimes it can be difficult to make a big move all at once, because you can't demonstrate that you have the skills in the new area. Consider making the move in two steps – change one aspect of your work first, then change another.

Case Study

Renee was working as an APS 5 in payroll in the Department of Finance and Deregulation, but had always had an interest in the arts and culture. She wanted to work in a field where she could learn how to be a curator. She first arranged a transfer to the payroll area in the National Museum of Australia, and then once there she got support to complete her degree in Museum Studies, and eventually she moved on transfer into a Curator role in the Australian War Memorial.

Some ideas to get you going:

  • Talk to people you know in your current Department/agency to find out more about their jobs
  • Look at the website regularly to see what's being advertised
  • Use the Career Selector Tools to identify roles that might suit your skills or that you might enjoy
  • Browse through the Australian Public Service Careers Database to see what's out there